There’s still a ways to go in 2012 in terms of album releases, and Complex comes with a strong list of the top 50 most anticipated LPs for the rest of the year. The magazine names albums in the Hip Hop realm including list-topper Wiz Khalifa’s O.N.I.F.C., which was just bestowed a release date of December 4th, as well as Machine Gun Kelly’s Lace Up, Game’s Jesus Piece and Lil Wayne’s I Am Not a Human Being 2. R&B albums include The Weeknd’s Trilogy and Alicia Keys’ Girl on Fire, while alternative releases include Crystal CastlesCrystal Castles III and Boys Noize‘s Out of the Black.

Check out Complex’s “50 Most Anticipated Albums For The Rest Of 2012”

Sexuality in Hip Hop has always been a taboo subject, even in contemporary and progressive times. But Details has the scoop on the crop of queer artists making noise in the culture. Rappers of note include Harlem, New York native Mykki Blanco, who released the debut EP Mykki Blanco & the Mutant Angels in May, as well as 22-year-old emcee Nicky Da B and breakout spitter Le1f. Additional profiles of note include Cakes Da Killa, Big Dipper and House of Ladosha, each of whom are challenging the cultural norms of Hip Hop in today’s society.

Check out Details’ “Hip Hop’s Queer Pioneers”

The folks over at The Well Versed whipped up a listicle of artists who were once in their prime but are now fiending to make a comeback. Rappers to make the cut include 50 Cent and Master P, each of whom the site insists are too past their prime to stage a successful return to the spotlight. But it isn’t all negative. TWV gives the thumbs up to a few choice spitters including DMX, who just dropped his latest album Undisputed, in addition to a few other aritsts. Click the link below to see who the site thinks could have a potential resurgence.

Check out The Well Versed’s “[The Tens] Welcome Back: Grading 10 Artists Looking To Make A Comeback In 2012”

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