Last Friday, Fabolous released a Just Blaze-produced track titled “I’m So NY,” featuring the hook, “I’m so NY that Weezy probably hates me.” Now, in an exclusive interview with HipHopWired, producer Kenoe disputes the claim that Just Blaze made the beat.

Kenoe says that he originally made the beat, but told Fab’s people that he didn’t want anything to do with the song after hearing Fab’s hook, which references Lil Wayne’s dislike of New York. Later, however, the “Beez in the Trap” producer heard the final version of the song credited to Just Blaze featuring the same the same drum pattern and musical elements that he had contributed to it.

“Fab hit me on the phone and was like, ‘Yo I got this record and I want to drop it,'” he said. “He was like, ‘I had the beat for a minute,’ and he called Just Blaze ’cause he had been working with him to see if he made the beat. Just Blaze said no, it wasn’t his beat. So then he told me how he had Wayne in the intro, etc. After I heard it, I told his people I didn’t want no part of it because Wayne is my people. If he want to use the beat take, Wayne off the intro and change the hook cause I felt like it could be a big record if he put the real hook on it.”



He added, “I check back with [Fab’s people] and he told me they decided to not use the beat. Then I get a call today from my people and they like ‘Fab drop[ped] this record,’ and they sent it to me and when I heard [it] I hear[d] the same elements and exact same drum pattern. I’m like, damn. Just Blaze [is] supposed to be a big-time producer but he is not creative enough to make a whole new beat on his own?”

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