As Nas’ Life Is Good approaches the 250,000 mark, the veteran lyricist continues to release visuals for his latest album. In a recent interview with fuse, Esco explained why he chose “Bye Baby” for his next video.

“Since I heard the original record by Guy, I’ve been a fan of that record,” explained Nas of the cut, which deals with his divorce from singer Kelis. “There was never a video for that. I’m just a fan…the record is a serious record.”

“I figured, I don’t shoot a lot of videos for albums, so I didn’t want that to happen this time. I just wanted to have it in the can,” continued the Queensbridge emcee. “It just so turns out I feel like putting it out now. We got a lot of other videos that were scheduled to come before it, but I’m like, ‘Let me just get this out the way.'”

Nas was asked whether the visuals for the song are as personal as the song itself. “Yeah, of course. It’s the visual that goes with the song,” responded the emcee. “I think it kinda got a ’90s feeling to it, too. I wasn’t even trying to go that route, but it just turned out that way. It’s special.”

Nas also responded to critics of the song, shrugging them off. “I don’t hear critics like I used to. No diss to the critics; critics, do your thing. You got lives, too. I’m not in that space.”

Watch the interview below:

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