In the opener to his recent critically acclaimed album Life is Good titled “No Introduction,” Nas spits the line, “Remember talking to Biggie inside his Lex truck/Said stay fly when you bummy, keep your pajamas Armani.” Now, the Queensbridge emcee took to Rap Genius to explains his brief encounter with the Notorious B.I.G. in his Lexus.

According to Nas, Biggie suggested that Nas purchase a gold Lexus GS3, similiar to the one he had purchased. Unfortunately for the QB emcee, his license had been revoked, and he was unable to purchase the vehicle. Yet it was a later encounter with the Brooklyn legend in his Lexus that made Nas realize what he had missed out on and why he needed to act more responsibly.

“Rest in peace to Biggie, we was just talking [and] one of the things he said was he suggested to me that [I buy] the Lex[us] truck GS3, they had just come out with the GS3 at the time he wound up getting his. I ran into some trouble, I was driving without a license and I lost my card, so I was riding around with some dudes and I saw Biggie sitting outside in his truck. He seemed so lonely because he was like, ‘I’m by myself, where the homies at? Who’s gonna ride out with me?’ He seemed lonely breaking down the Dutch in the street…[he said], ‘Damn man, you were supposed to get this [car],’ and I’m looking at it like I fucked up; I gotta get my life together.”

Check out the full video over at Rap Genius.

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