Joining Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club, Diamond spoke on a slew of topics, including past and present relationships.

While discussing her relationship with Soulja Boy, she confirmed that he and 50 Cent were collaborating on a project. “I think so. …I remember them chopping it up. Shouts out to 50, because he’s always been like a big brother to me as well. He’s just a real good dude, so I’m excited to see that as well.”

“That has [come] up a lot,” admitted Diamond. “I’m still debating. Like, it’s tricky. You gotta still have that mystique about you. And as an artist…it depends on how it’s played out. You can’t play with your career like that. …If you’re already an established artist, it has to be done in a certain light.”

“I know there’s gonna be drama regardless, but if it’s on a certain level, then yeah,” she added. “You gonna have real stuff, people are gonna argue. It is what it is. But if it’s not set up to where it’s BS, and you just let it flow…and if the money right.”

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