After a number of pictures of Soulja Boy and Diamond getting intimate together began surfacing on the Internet, the two rappers revealed that they were actually dating. Now, Diamond’s former beau Lil Scrappy weighs in on the news.

Although Scrappy’s mom apparently feels differently, the former BME emcee explained to Hot 107.9’s Durrty Boyz that he bears no ill feelings towards either Soulja Boy or Diamond. He said that he and his one-time fiance have been separated for too long for him to really have an opinion.

“We ain’t been together so I can’t say nothing, you feel me,” he said. “We keep it closed in, you feel me? When people see that, they observe and see different things. I can’t help what people see…when I see the picture [of them together] it’s like, ‘OK, wow. OK, cool.’ It really don’t do nothing to me.”

Scrappy also added that his interests in life are too different for him to be upset about their newfound relationship. He even said that he feels people have no right to judge her over her personal life.

“I’m into making money right now and that’s what she was into doing and I guess [Soulja Boy] is into doing,” he said. “Everybody’s into making money but at the end of the day, you can’t help when two people like each other…I been kicking it with her for a minute but we’ve both been openly dating. I’m sure y’all are gonna see some pictures of some [of my girls]. You feel me? Shorty gotta get her money. However, shorty gotta get her money – and shorty is young. If she out with that dude, that dude and that dude, they can’t judge her.”

Listen to the full interview, courtesy of Rap Radar.