Following the release of his new mixtape 5 (Murder By Numbers), 50 Cent is ready to focus on his next studio album Street King Immortal. During an interview with Digital Spy (via HHNM), Fif revealed that his next single from the oft-delayed LP, dropping in November, will feature longtime collaborator Dr. Dre as well as Alicia Keys. The song is expected to be released today.

Asked what the difference is between his mixtapes and album, he responded, “It’s a difference in styles. I released three album’s worth of material in the last two months. It was The Big 10, which was celebrating the 10th anniversary of my first mixtape. The Lost Tape followed that, and then I released Murder By Numbers. So for me, the next wave of music won’t be out until November, and it’s Street King Immortal. It’s the actual album that’s being marketed and promoted by Interscope. So the first single will be out on Tuesday. It’s myself, Alicia Keys and Dr. Dre. I’m excited about this project. It took a lot longer than it would have had to take, as far as creatively, but the process of going through all of this and being at the end of the contract. It’s a headache, but it worked itself out.”

Watch the interview below, as well as a clip where he discusses wanting to work with Frank Ocean and Rihanna.

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