After announcing that he would release his album 5 (Murder by Numbers) with or without Interscope’s support, 50 Cent has revealed that the offering will be free.

Last night, Fif took to Twitter to announce that he will drop 5 today on the Internet as a gift to fans. “You can’t buy album 5 it’s FREE street king immortal will be for sale #SMSaudio,” he wrote.

The G-Unit general, who has had complications with Interscope over the past few years, said that his new album Street King Immortal will release in November. “My official Interscope album is called street king immortal due out in nov,” he confirmed.

Curtis previously said that he was excited to drop because it wasn’t his typical fare. He said that he has a backup plan to release more standard material, but that this would be more experimental.

“It’s exciting cause I wanted to do something that had a different energy to it,” 50 Cent explained. “Creatively, I kinda created a new little thing to do musically with myself. It’s like oddball features. It’s not exactly what you would expect immediately from me so it’ll be interesting. I’m kinda testing it because I have a Plan B back at the crib. I recorded so many records.”

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