During an appearance at the WGCI Coke Lounge in Chicago, Queens rapper 50 Cent made some interesting comments about his upcoming album 5 (Murder By Numbers). According to Fifty he’s taking a different route for this album and has even recruited what he calls a few “oddball features.”

The rapper also revealed that if his current plans for the album fall through he also has a Plan B ready.

“It’s exciting cause I wanted to do something that had a different energy to it,” 50 Cent explained. “Creatively, I kinda created a new little thing to do musically with myself. It’s like oddball features. It’s not exactly what you would expect immediately from me so it’ll be interesting. I’m kinda testing it because I have a Plan B back at the crib. I recorded so many records.”

While speaking to the audience 50 Cent also went in to detail on the process of picking tracks for his albums.

“About 30 songs,” said 50 Cent when asked how many songs he creates for his albums. “Before I put out 12 records it’s about 30 records laying there. I pick the better ones of everything that I’ve done. I kinda repeat myself a little bit. Like I make song [that’s] a street record and I go, ‘Which one of these records is the best street record that I made?’”

5 (Murder By Numbers) is expected to be released on July 3rd.

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