Back in 2009, Atlanta rapper Donnis made major waves in the industry with his Fool’s Gold Records-released single “Gone.” Now, after a brief stint at Atlantic Records, the ATL Brave returns to his independent home of a full-fledged record deal.

In recent interview with XXL, Donnis discussed his history with the label and his relationship with its founder DJ A-Trak. He explained that he’s maintained a tight relationship with the imprint throughout his career, even while he was serving overseas in the military. He also added that he he’s happy join Danny Brown as a labelmate. 

“The Fool’s Gold shit goes way back; me and Fool’s Gold always had a super dope relationship,” he recalled. “When I was in the military, A-Trak would reach out to me on MySpace. It was only right for me to go back and get it in with the family…Danny [Brown]’s the homie…anytime I met him, man, he was extra thorough.”

Donnis also spoke on his impending first project with the label Break Hundreds and Hearts, due out this July. He explained that he looked back to 2 Live Crew and the Miami bass sub-genre of Hip Hop for his inspiration on the project.

“[Break Hundreds and Hearts is] really bass heavy and we wanted to go back and give people what they really like in music,” he said. “I went back to listen to Luke, 2 Live Crew and listened to the drums and how the bass was different. It’s bass heavy with a different sound.”

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