Donnis is currently holed up in the studio with producer Luke Walker (aka God’s Paparazzi) working on his upcoming EP SouthernFuturisticFerrariThumpMuzik, releasing via Fool’s Gold. Taking a break from recording, Donnis chopped it up with 3 Little Digs, explaining his intentions for the project and that he might also release a mixtape.

“The tape is going to be is actually an EP. We might get a tape out of it as well, we gon’ start releasing some of the music,” he said. “We’ve been low-key about what we’ve been working on because there’s a lot of rebranding and really finding a sound because these days, it’s just really crazy and everybody kinda got the same sound. So we wanted to go in there and figure out something that nobody could imitate without someone looking at them and saying, ‘Ah man, you’re trying to sound like Donnis!’”

The Atlanta, Georgia resident previously released his Fashionably Late EP last year through Atlantic Records, and recently dropped off his Southern Lights mixtape.

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