Earlier this month, Strange Music alum Krizz Kaliko released his fourth album Kickin’ and Screamin’ to critical acclaim. Now, in interviews with their respective blogs, Krizz and his partner-in-rhyme Tech N9ne recall the making of one of the album’s best received cuts “Kill Shit” with frequent collaborator Twista.

Tech explained that he actually avoided writing his verse for the song for a week after hearing Twista’s verse. He said that he didn’t want to have to follow the Chi-Town rhymer after hearing his quadruple-timing flow. 

“I didn’t want to write it. I didn’t want to have to write after Twista,” Tech admitted. “Twista’s a murderer so I ran from the track for a week. I really don’t like rapping fast because it’s so hard to write but it’s one of my specialties. It was another reason I was running but once I sat down and did it, it came out superb. I think Twista killed everything on it. Everybody’s talking about how much they love my verse. I love it and I love how they love it but they really need to listen to Twista. That boy did something amazing. Yeah I didn’t want to write it and everyone came out beautiful…His verse is just so intricate. It’s just quadruple timing. The tricks that he’s doing in there, you just have to pay attention to his words and what he’s saying in there – so wonderful.”

Krizz, on the other hand, feels that Tech ran away with the track – in more than one way. He actually remembered giving the song to Tech long before it actually came together. He also recalled Twista’s surprised response to his opening doubled-timed verse.

“I think [Tech] did great man. I don’t think he’s a human being anyway. He’s a weirdo. So am I, and thank God he is,” Kaliko said. “He came and flowed his ass off on there…when I gave that song to Twista, I said ‘Tech’s running from me man.’ I gave him that song forever ago and it took forever for him to just sit down and write the song, so I told Twista, ‘He’s running from me’ and Twista said, ‘You know why? You hear what you’re doing on there Krizz?’…I wanted everybody to step it up. I knew I wanted them to bring it. Even with Twista, when he got it he called me and said, ‘Whooooooo! Boy, you killed that. I didn’t even know you could rap like that!’ I wanted to lay the foundation and the blueprint so everybody would know how to come on there and they knew that they had to bring their most elite rhyme skills and they both did. Tech…he’s never going to stop man, he’s not a human.”

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