Colorado Springs TV recently caught up with Tech N9ne while he was performing at the Black Sheep as a part of his Hostile Takeover Tour. During the interview, Tech revealed that he has already begun working on his next solo album. Althought eh Kansas City legend didn’t reveal much information about the project, he said that he’s selected close to 18 beats that may appear on the final product.

“I’m just getting beats for it now,” he revealed. “I’ve got like 18 beats to choose, I think. I kinda lost track.”

Tech also talked about Kanye West’s 2010 album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. He explained that Kanye’s approach to his music not only reaffirmed his belief that music is a canvas, but it also proved to him that their are no limitations in

“That Kanye album [My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy]…made me know that there are no limitations ; you can do anything to the beat,” he said. “To have a song and have instrumentals going and then Rick Ross just pops up at the end of the song and busts a clean-ass verse, that let me know that you can do anything on your canvas. I was just so proud of that, man. Like, fuck everybody, I dig Kanye. He just takes chances and that’s what I love…fuck everybody, do music.”

Check out the full interview below.

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