BET recently caught up with one half of the Clipse No Malice to discuss his recent book Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind and Nakedand upcoming solo mixtape. No Malice explained that he hopes his mixtape, titled Hear Ye Him, will give fans and aspiring artists alike an example of how to approach the industry without sacrificing their beliefs in the name of numbers. In addition, he explained that he and Pusha T have been hard at work assembling what will be the beginnings of a new Clipse album.

“I want to set some kind of example and just share what I’ve learned in this industry and hopefully it can help somebody else out,” he said. “As far as features, you’re definitely going to get the Re-Up Gang of course, my brother, Ab-Liva definitely. I’ve been working with Chad [Hugo] from the Neptunes, and Pharrell also. Boi-1da, and myself are about to do something as well. The first single is titled ‘Different.'”

As for the Clipse reunion, he stated, “We’re working on that [album] now. Collecting beats, writing verses, you know Pusha is everywhere right now so it’s just a thing of matching up the scheduling, things of that nature. But the fans will definitely have music from Pusha and myself circulating about so we’re not going to leave them empty handed.”

No Malice also weighed in on his brother Pusha’s recent verbal tiff with Drake. No Malice joked that he has been trying to get Pusha to stop taking aim at Drizzy and added that he’s a fan of the YMCMB star.

“I want Pusha to stop picking on Drake, I like Drake [laughs],” he said. “Yeah I like Drake, yo.”

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