Young Jeezy has ridden his signature adlibs to two platinum albums and two gold albums—including his latest, TM103: Hustlerz Ambition. But the strain on his voice took a toll and eventually sidelined the Atlanta emcee for the better part of a year.

“I tore my vocal chords…I had polyps on it, and I basically tore it because I was doing a lot of yelling at my shows,” Jeezy explained to WPGC’s Aladdin in a recent interview. “It kind of took me off my grind for like a year, because I couldn’t speak for seven months. I had surgery, and then it took another three months for me to learn how to speak again.”

Along with the surgery and recovery came some awkward moments during Jeezy’s vocal therapy. He recounted that his vocal coach wanted him to sing and hum in order to re-train his vocal chords.

“That ain’t what you wanna do in front of your homeboys when you’re trying to warm up and get your voice back,” Jeezy added. “So it was a little difficult, but I kind of thugged my way through it…and it worked out for me.”

With a healthy set of vocal chords and an album that is still on the charts, Jeezy says his current focus is touring and putting together a CTE compilation album. His full interview with Aladdin can be seen below.

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