During episode two of “Cavi Life,” a series of episodes focusing on Damon Dash and his Cavi clothing line, Dash took his team to Miami to collaborate on the line and also meet up with rapper Cam’ron on the set of his new movie.

Ironically “Cavi Life” episode two was released a little over a week before today’s announcement that Rocawear, a company Dash was formerly co-founder of, laid off close to 30 employees.

“Initially like I said I left Rocawear because I felt culturally we were wrong. Culturally we were wrong and I wanted to see a new culture. I wanted to see what the new urban was. With different ideals.”

“It’s rock and roll. It’s rap. It’s indie. It’s still aspirational. It’s still very cool,” said Damon Dash in regards to Cavi. “We not struggling. You know what I mean?”

The Cavi clothing line was established in 2004 but seemed to lessen in popularity over the past few years. The clothing line is described as being “inspired by the multifaceted, on-the-go lifestyle of today’s man and woman.”



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