Though he moved out of his DD172 space in New York City, New York’s Tribeca neighborhood in June, Damon Dash is in legal hot water for what occurred there.

According to The Village Voice, policemen served the property with a court summons and order to show cause yesterday at 4:30 p.m. Dash and associates are accused of six counts of storing and selling alcoholic beverages without a license. DD172 was first caught violating the liquor code in November 2010 and this past May.

The violations “were conducted in an open and notorious manner and the operators of this establishment appear to have evinced a ‘business as usual’ attitude in the subject premises.”

The club’s actions apparently constitute a “public nuisance,” and plaintiffs are seeking a preliminary injunction from the judge as well as a restraining order.

[September 8]

UPDATE: According to The Village Voice, judge Cynthia S. Kern has signed a stipulation that settles the restraining order against 172 Duane Street as long as owners abide by the liquor laws in the future and agree to provide security guards during events, warrantless inspections by police and abiding by the certificate of occupancy. Dash’s company has not operated out of the premises since the beginning of summer.

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