When Drake released his second studio album, many were surprised to find Kendrick Lamar as a featured guest. According to Drake’s producer, Noah “40” Shebib, K. Dot’s verse blew him and Drizzy away. During a recent interview with MTV, 40 discussed the process that allowed Kendrick to shine on Drake’s Take Care, shedding light on how he and Drake reacted to K. Dot’s lyrics. 

“I guess [Drake] just sent it to Kendrick at some point,” 40 shared. “I had no idea. He had just sent it to Kendrick. Towards the end of the process, we got it back. I think it was pretty quick. He must have sent it on his own. A few days later, Kendrick sent back the verse, or whatever the case was. He was like, ‘I got this Kendrick verse!’ I’m like, ‘On what?’ He’s like, ‘On the beat you did.’ I’m like, ‘On what beat?’ You know?” 

The verse, which touches on Kendrick’s first encounters with Drake, hit home. Drake then decided the verse needed to be on the album, as 40 explained. 

“It was crazy for Kendrick to write that verse and send that back, about Drake and meeting Drake and his opinions and feelings on him and that. We were both kind of blown away by that. Drake was really clear. He was like, ‘I want to put this on my album.'” 

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