After speculation regarding a feud between Common and Drake, Drizzy’s producer has decided to enter the conversation. In a series of posts about the Chicago emcee, 40 claimed he is a fan of Common but added that he was “called a bitch” for listening to Com’s music. He also said he had to argue with others who claimed Common wasn’t “Hip Hop.” 

40’s comments came on the same day that Common confirmed that “Sweet” was aimed for Drake. On the track, Com calls artists out for singing and being “soft.” 

@common, I remember being called a bitch in grade 9 cause I had your cd. Good thing I also had 456 by kool g rap on me. Now that’s real 😉
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After “one day it’ll all make sense” came out I spent months arguing weather or not @common was hip hop. Everyone was saying it was too rnb.
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40 also said he did not intend these messages to be read as disses towards Common.  

I’m not dissing, just facts. I love common. I also love swv and John b.
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