With his Street King initiative aimed towards helping to stop world hunger, 50 Cent is extending his philanthropic venture to his SMS Audio headphones. During an interview with MTV News, Fiddy revealed that he will donate some of the proceeds from sales of his SMS Audio headphones to Feeding America.

“Because of my Street King initiative, with every purchase there’s a meal being provided through the United Nations World Food Programme,” he said. “And with this actual project, I decided I wanted to do something here in America. So for every pair of these headsets that are sold domestically and online through SMSAudio.com, 250 meals will be provided by Feeding America, which is our leading charitable organization against hunger.”  

Fif explained his intention to use entrepreneurial ventures as a way to assist those in need and break from the typical business cycle.

“I think business is the answer for finding finances for situations that have been unanswered and untouched,” 50 continued. “If young entrepreneurs follow in my footsteps, with having a charitable business model that actually gives back, then you don’t have people standing at Occupy Wall Street, because they’re aware that the major corporations are conscious of them.”

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