50 Cent recently stopped by DJ Whoo Kid’s Shade 45 XM Radio show to promote his latest mixtape project The Big 10. During the interview, the New York rapper spoke on up-and coming emcee Paris, who he recently signed to his G-Unit imprint and included her on the song “Queens, NY.” He explained that he met the fellow Queens rapper over a year ago and that while her name isn’t too well known as of now, she has been grinding in the music business for a minute.

“Paris has been around for a while. She’s not like a new jack that just came in. Actually, I’ve known her for about over a year,” he explained. “She’s from my neighborhood…I just didn’t jump and say I want to do this project. I waited until she was ready, until now it’s like, it’s easy. You have to do it, it’s too good to let it sit…when you look at the material that she brought, it was so good that it was like, ‘Aight, now you’re ready’…I didn’t want to go get an artist that you gotta go sit there to coach them through the whole process. She doesn’t require that at this point, she’s been working at it for quite some time…she’s signed, we’re finishing up her actual deal points now.”

50 Cent also spoke about two upcoming projects he has in store for 2012: Street King mixtape and his long-awaited fifth studio album. He explained that he had been working on the Street King tape prior to the release of The Big 10, but he put the project on temporary hiatus with the release of his most recent tape. Fif also added that he’s aiming to drop his next LPat the top of 2012, although he’s still waiting on certain business aspects to gain momentum before he makes it official.

“I’m not finished; my next tape is the [Street King] tape,” he explained. “Y’all saw a couple of pieces off of that tape… but I didn’t finish it because the thought of The Big 10 came up, and conceptually, the way I thought of it, it has to be a certain way because it’s ten years [in the game]…I approached the tape like I approach an LP; I have a concept first and then I start to build songs that work concept-wise.”

He added, “I wanna come out [with a new album] at the top of the year. I wanna be ready, but it’s all on how everybody else puts together the actual marketing campaign. I don’t have a timeline anymore; I’m doing the Dr. Dre [style of release]. I’m doing what Eminem does. I’ve been on a shot clock my entire career…my albums are so successful, it’ll take a year for me to be done touring off it. I may not necessarily tour off of this album. I might release it and decide I’m going to make the next one instead of actually going out touring and letting everyone with live with that and do something different. Or they’ll see me in spot dates.”

Check out the full interview over at HipHop-N-More.com.

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