Earlier this week, MTV2 caught up with Q-Tip and Busta Rhymes to chop it up about A Tribe Called Quest’s classic posse cut “Scenario” in preparation for the upcoming re-vamp of “Yo! MTV Raps.” Now, MTV linked up with Houston heavyweight Scarface to discuss the surprising origins of his group the Geto Boys’s seminal track “Mind Playing Tricks On Me”: his grandmother.

MTV spoke to ‘Face’s grandmother about how she inadvertently inspired the Geto Boys’s hit single off their ’91 album We Can’t Be Stopped. She said that one day, she uttered a phrase during a conversation with her grandson that would become the song’s title, which ultimately lead to the concept of the song taking form. She did admit that once the H-Town group rose to prominence from the single, she asked ‘Face to clean up his language.

“He came to the room. I think I was just mumbling to myself, my lips were working or something, and he said, ‘Mama, what you talkin’ about?’ I said, ‘Oh, nothing, my mind’s just playing tricks on me,'” said Scarface’s grandmother. “I didn’t have no idea he was gonna go out and make a song about it.”

She added, “When I heard it and he came out with it, I tell you the truth, it just overflowed me, I tell ya, and then I heard some little ol’ words to it, and I thought I’d bring it to his attention. Now that you got your foot in the door, clean your act up a little bit.”

Check out the full interview below.

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