While reports of public figures heading to jail are far from uncommon, it is quite unusual for such news to be concealed for almost four months. It was confirmed on Thursday that Texas rapper Scarface was incarcerated last October, and has been held in the Montgomery County Jail since, for failing to pay child support.

According to XXLmag.com who spoke with a representative of the jail, the veteran rapper is facing charges in four different child support cases. Even more unusual, he is also facing additional federal charges that have not yet been publicly disclosed.

Before the incarceration, Scarface had been working on his twelfth album, The Habit, said to be featuring both John Legend and Drake. There is no update yet on the specifics regarding the federal charges, bail, or when he is scheduled to appear in court.

[February 3]

UPDATE: After nearly a year in prison, Scarface is reportedly a free man. According to HHW, ‘Face was released from Harris County Jail where he remained incarcerated for failing to pay child support. “Face is home and he’s already busy working on releasing new material,” says a representative. “It’s not going to take him long to fall right back into the swing of things.”