MTV2 recently caught up with Q-Tip and Busta Rhymes in preparation for their “Yo! MTV Raps” television special slated for this December 4. During the interview, the Tribe frontman and recent Cash Money signee talked about their work on Tribe’s 1991 masterpiece “Scenario.”

Tip explained how he wanted to use “Scenario” as an introduction of the rambunctious Leaders of the New School rapper to the world at large. He said that even in verse on the song, he wanted to give fans a taste of what they could expect from Bussa Bust as a rapid-fire spitting emcee.

“‘Scenario’ for Busta [Rhymes] was like his step-out [moment]. That was my purpose [in putting him on the song] because I thought he was ill,” Tip explained. “I just wanted to set him up…one of the things that really set it up was the interplay between my rhymes and Busta’s rhymes. So that introduced him a little bit.”

Busta added that the interplay between the two emcees was not only critical to the success of the song, but also his later career. He explained that it gave fans the perfect taste of his subsequent verse, which has since been lauded as one of the greatest single featured raps in Hip Hop history.

“Tip was like, ‘Yo, I’ma come right before you [with my verse] and I’ma set it up, so in my verse, I’ma write a part for you to say,'” explained Bussa Bust. “That’s where the ‘I heard you rushed and rushed and attacked’ [line came from]…when that part came, the moment of truth wasn’t too far after that.”

Check out the full video below, and make sure to catch MTV2’s “Yo! MTV Raps” special this December 4.

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