Pac Div was previously signed to Universal Motown for several years, but during that time, their debut album failed to materialize. With The DiV arriving in stores today (Nov. 8th), the group reflected on the road to release, recounting splitting ties with Universal several months ago and posting a picture of them burning their contract with the imprint.

“We’ve been off Universal for two or three months now; burning that contract was symbolic,” Mibbs told LA Weekly. “Sylvia Rhone had faith in the group. But we just think she was gun-shy. They didn’t think we had a No. 1-type record they could put their money on.”

The group asked their lawyer this past summer to get them out of their contract. Now, the group has an independent distribution deal with RBC to release The DiV. They say that Grown Kid Syndrome likely won’t be released, but that they’re trying to reclaim their buzz from a few years ago.

“If people don’t see you in a while, they’re not gonna talk about you,” says Mibbs.

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