Pac Div has been working on its debut album Grown Kid Syndrome for a few years, but the trio maintains that the LP will arrive in stores this fall. Speaking with Splash! Mag, Like, BeYoung and Mibbs explained that their Universal Motown debut is still on the way and that they’re waiting for the right time to unleash the project.

“We still looking at the late summer, early fall thing. But it’s a different thing with putting an album out. It’s a certain way you want to put an album out, I should say. So up until we get to that point, we just maintain ourselves,” said BeYoung. “The shows are important for us, with shows and videos and stuff like that, to keep ourselves going. Because you only get one chance to put out a first album. And the game is changing right now with the label shit. Just everything in general, so you’ve got to take your time with a lot of stuff. Up until that point, we stay afloat with mixtapes and all that stuff. You’ve got to play it the right way.”

Like also spoke on the group’s original 11-man lineup, stating that by natural selection, the group whittled down to its current roster.

“I didn’t have time for 11 different personalities,” he said. “We downsized it to three. It’s hard enough with the three of us. Really though, the chemistry between us three was just indescribable, something we had to do. Nature just took its course. Much love to all the members, we still cool though, we still rocking. We vicariously live through all of them.”

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