Southern California’s Pac Div is working hard on their next album, Grown Kid Syndrome, a disc that will reportedly include work from No I.D. and Jim Jonsin, among others. The trio recently met with Good*Fella Media to discuss this project and their Mania mixtape. 

Pac Div supporters can be relieved to hear that the group is nearly finished with their next album, Grown Kid Syndrome. They explained that the disc is “pretty much done” but fans can also expect a likely mixtape to drop before the full-length is released. 

“The album is pretty much done,” Mibbs explained. “We have a lot of other songs that we’re working on that’s non-album stuff that could make the album. We could replace some songs. We could do a lot.”  

When asked if they’d drop a tape before the album, Mibbs hinted that it may be a surprise. 

“It’ll be a surprise, if anything. We won’t announce it. We’ll just drop it.”

The trio also spoke on their mixtape Mania, which was released earlier this year. 

“As far as the sound goes, I just think Mania is just a bigger sounding, easier on the ears [album]. Younger people could listen to it and older people so it hits a broad fan base.” 

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