With time, 50 Cent’s career has clearly evolved. Now, he’s not only working on music but also releasing a new book, Playground, centered around the topic of bullying in schools. Of course, he’s also still got his eye on the Hip Hop scene. During a recent visit to 106 & Park, Fif talked about his new book and newer emcees that he enjoys listening to like Meek Mill and J. Cole

On the topic of his book, 50 acknowledged that he has been the aggressor in several situations but that the topic is one that he has opened his eyes to. 

“I was inspired to write the book from a conversation I was having with my son,” he noted. “We talked about someone that he actually knew that was being bullied in the schooling system. When we talked about it, I found myself in an interesting space because I was on the other side of that. I was the aggressor.”

He also explained that this was due to emotions that he was unable to deal with appropriately at a young age. 

“When I explained that to him, I explained it to him about me not dealing with my feelings appropriately at that time. I was a little bit overweight at that point and and they used to tease me. I responded with being more aggressive.” 

Later in the interview, he was asked about his opinion concerning younger emcees who are making their name in the culture. 

“I think [J. Cole’s] good. He’s in motion. I think [Jay-Z] is going to stand next to him now. He did some numbers. He aight. He cool. Let him in, Jay.”  

He also added that he enjoys Meek Mill’s work.

“The kid Meek. I like Meek. In Philadelphia, they got a real underground scene. Them boys rappin’.” 

For more on the interview, check the video below via Yardie

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