Maino recently implied that there was some sort of beef when he called Big Sean “Lil’ Sean” during an interview, but he says that it was just an accident and misunderstanding. During an interview with WGCI’s DJ MoonDawg, the Brooklyn, New York rapper said that he said Sean’s name wrong and cleared up the unintended shot at the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards.

“I was making a point to some of my homies that a lot of the rappers of today, you look foolish beefing with because they ain’t about that type of energy. They ain’t about that. They ain’t about the gangsta, thug imagery. They ain’t into the street credibility or what have you. They more or less cool dudes. There’s nothing wrong with that. I gave examples like Wiz Khalifa and Big Sean. In the heat of my conversation, I called him ‘Little Sean.’ People thought I did it on purpose, and I really didn’t.”

He said he held off until he saw him in person so that he could personally discuss the matter with the G.O.O.D. Music rapper.

“I ran into him at the BET Awards on the red carpet and I wasn’t going to reach out through no phones. I was going to see him whenever I saw him and told him that wasn’t really what I was about, because that was contrary to everything I was saying. Why would I say in one breath, ‘You look crazy beefing with dudes like that’ and at the same time trying to diss him?” he said. “He not even talking like that. These artists not even talking like that. They cool dudes and had jobs and was just existing. Drinking, getting high, smoking, partying, that’s cool. That’s fine with me. It wasn’t really me trying to get at him. It was really a misunderstanding.”

The “Hi Hater” rapper also spoke on Papoose’s recent claim of being “King of New York,” stating that no one is yet to one-up him.

“Ain’t nobody from New York outdo me yet, not even new artists,” he exclaimed. “Did he say he was the king of New York? I’m out here moving. I didn’t catch it, I heard some things.”

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