New York City rapper Papoose caused quite the commotion on the social networking site Twitter after referring to himself as the “King Of NY” in a series of Tweets made yesterday (September 28).

“The king of ny city is back whatsup peasants #kng of ny talk,” said Papoose in one of his many Tweets.

And during an interview with Forbez DVD, Papoose went on to clarify his statements and reveal that he’s wholeheartedly standing behind his “King Of NY” statements.

“When the truth come out sometimes people get a little bothered by the truth. ..More or less man the reason why I let knowledge be born that I’m the king is because it’s time,” Papoose explained. “It’s 2011 so if you know anything about yourself then you know that’s the year of the king…I’mma start off by saying that it’s nobody nicer than me in New York. I’m the king of New York. I couldn’t give less than a fuck how a nigga feel about it.”

Papoose went on to speak on various occurrences in which he felt he was the only rapper to speak out for the people through his music.  

“Just to elaborate on that – these dudes it’s the same thing on every record, there’s no versatility. You understand what I’m saying? When Sean Bell got shot who stepped up to the plate? It was the voice of the ghetto,” said Papoose. “When Hurricane Katrina hit and George Bush – and don’t say Kanye. Cause Kanye made an outburst but I did it in song format like a real lyricist supposed to do. When Katrina hit and George Bush didn’t acknowledge our people over there, who spoke up? Who’s teaching all our people in the penitentiary how to beat they cases?”

Papoose Says He Is The KING OF NEW YORK! No One Else!

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