In an interview with Miss Info on Tuesday, Jim Jones cleared up rumors that he was involved in a street fight in Harlem and dispelled the idea that the fight was related to beef with another rapper. He called Monday’s incident a “botched robbery.”

“I was in Harlem, alone, when three men stepped to me,” he explained. “Well the first guy, I beat the shit out of him, then the second guy jumped in with a metal pipe. I was so amped up I didn’t even feel him hitting me with it. I was still putting a beating on the first guy. But when the third guy pulled out a gun, I got out of there. I left. Anyone with a brain would do the same.”

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When asked why he was out in Harlem alone, he admitted,”That was a stupid mistake. I know that. I’m human and that’s where I slipped up. It won’t happen again.” 

He said that after the altercation, he headed back to the studio with no injuries. Jones is currently recording his mixtape, Vampire Life.