In a recent interview with Undeniable TV, Jim Jones explained the name for his new mixtape, Vampire Life, and briefly described his lyrical process in the studio. 

The inspiration for the title Vampire Life (which shares its name with Jones’ clothing line of the same name) is simply a business move, he said. “[It’s about] nightlife. What’s happening to the vampire market is real big out there in the commercial world.” He added that he’ll complete the mixtape as he always does, without paper and pen. “I like the motions of doing the records straight through…I ain’t in a rush.”

After releasing a solid album this past spring, the Dipset Capo said the mixtape is not all he has in the works. He also plans on releasing a Dipset reunion album. “That project is a definite,” he assured. “That’s definitely, definitely due. I’m working. Doing concerts and shit like that.”