In honor of Blu’s new production album Open, his frequent collaborator Sene reflected on their on-wax chemistry. In an interview for Nature Sounds, he recalled meeting Blu for the first time a few years ago when he had no releases under his belt.

“We met, I was young, he was young. Two knuckleheads. When I first started getting beats from him, when we first started linking up and chop things while I was there, he would send me stuff,” he said. “It felt like speaking a different language in someone else’s country, and then you find someone else who speaks that language, and you’re like ‘Oh snap! I’ve been running around here talking gibberish.’ I found someone that understands the language.”

He spoke on growing up on doo-wop music and how Blu’s production was very reminiscent of the sound, even when it didn’t sample from the genre. “I was raised on doo-wop, so to hear these kind of samples and this doo-wop sound coming out of the beats – even if they weren’t necessarily doo-wop chopped – I heard all these doo-wop style hooks to the beat and I had had this project envisioned but didn’t have the soundtrack, basically, to go underneath it. I wasn’t getting things that I wanted. When I heard those beats, it clicked immediately.”

Watch the rest of the interview below, where he also speaks on the Open track “Avenge of the Cheap Ass” and the mystery around Blu.

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