As in years past, Immortal Technique was featured as a performer on the bill at this year’s Rock the Bells festival, which he commends for its contributions to Hip Hop culture. Speaking with Karmaloop TV, Tech explained that it offers concertgoers more than just a few acts and allows them to diversify their tastes.

“I think the importance of gatherings like this is that it showcases a variety of Hip Hop. It may be some hardcore, ruthless, political stuff like what I do,” he said. “You have different versions of street music. You have individuals and classic artists, true school artists, independent individuals that have been busting their ass in the underground independent scene for five, 10 years, making a name for themselves. Wu-Tang stuff that’s going to be rocking. I think it just speaks for itself. That diversity, that variety, that’s the strength of Hip Hop.”

Immortal is currently prepping the release of his documentary, The (R)evolution of Immortal Technique, and promised that his upcoming album, The Middle Passage, is “on the way.”

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