Detroit favorite Danny Brown recently caught up with KarmaloopTV at his Alife-hosted XXX show with ASAP Rocky. During the interview, the Dirty D representative and Fool’s Gold signee spoke on Jay-Z and Kanye West’s recent smash Watch the Throne. Brown said that it’s inspiring to watching Jay-Z still making smash hits in a decidedly young man’s game and that it’s a testament to his artistry that he’s been able to reign over Hip Hop for a decade and a half

“I love Watch the Throne; I think it’s great,” he said. “To me, to be honest, I think rap’s got to the point where people look at it like a five-year thing. Jay-Z’s been running shit for 15 years now. He’s like an O.G., so to see an OG come around and kick ass, I feel like, ‘Shit, I could be 40 years [old] and doing the same thing.’ He’s pushing the game, I hope Jay-Z be 50 [years old] doing the same thing [that he’s doing].”

Brown also spoke on his pre-performance preparations. He said that he’s fairly mundane with what he does to get pumped for a performance, saying that he may use the bathroom or smoke a cigarette prior to hitting the stage.

“I probably, nah, I’ll probably take a piss, ‘cus you never want to have to take a piss on stage,” he said. “Maybe smoke a cigarette…drink a little water. Nothing much. I’m not really too special. I’m don’t got no séances, no Tina Turner, lil’ do-what-it-got-to-do-type shit.”

The full interview can be seen below.

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