In the first installment of VH1’s new monthly series Album-Versaries, Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Damon Dash reminisces about Jay-Z’s early career on the 15th anniversary of his debut, Reasonable Doubt

Dash, who has publicly feuded with Jay-Z in recent years, explained that he was one of the few people who supported the young Brooklyn rapper at the time. “I said he will be the greatest rapper of all-time at a time when everyone told me he was the worst rapper,” Dame explained. “You understand? I had been shopping him, and everyone told me ‘He raps too fast.’

“And because we believed in him so much, we couldn’t even tell him that it wasn’t going to the best album that was ever made and it’s funny because it became that,” Dame continued, explaining his relationship with Jay at the time. “So years later we would reflect and be like ‘you were so ignorant’ and everyone said you were an asshole because you were so arrogant.’ But I was right. I said it, you will be the greatest rapper of all time.”



Watch the rest of the interview below, and head over to VH1 to read more about the album’s creation.

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