Earlier this week Philly rapper Beanie Sigel and radio personality Star put their personal differences aside to talk music, Kanye West, Damon Dash, and more on the Star & Bucwild Show on Philadelphia’s Power 100.3.

Shortly after Star mentioned Beanie’s loyalty to Damon Dash the rapper revealed that he has no loyalty to Dash and that he’s owed millions of dollars by him.

“I ain’t loyal to Dame. Dame owe me some money,” Beanie explained. “My own lawyer found about 11-million that Dame stole from me…He filing bankruptcy. I’ll spend a million dollars just to say a person owe me? I have a piece of paper that say he owe me some money. Who wants to go through that?”

Beanie also referred to Dash’s support during his legal problems as a “façade” and nothing more than “smoke and mirrors.”

Beanie didn’t have too much to say when asked about fellow rapper Kanye West, but had plenty to say about ex drug dealer Tommy Hill.

“It’s a known fact that he’s a rat. We was in the same jail, Fairton,” said Beanie when asked about Hill. “I was in the hole and he was on the other side in protective custody. He’s a rat.”

Ironically, Hill is scheduled to appear on the Star & Buc Wild Show tomorrow, December 15.