In a recent video interview with, Philadelphia emcee Beanie Sigel revealed some details about his upcoming album with Universal Republic called The Closure. While getting his hair cut, he described his approach to the project and said that he has recorded songs with the likes of Travis Barker and Trey Songz. 

“I’ve been in the studio grinding, putting [The Closure] together,” he said. “It’s bananas…you’ve got shit like ‘History X,’ you’ve got [a] joint with Travis Barker [called] ‘Just Chill,’ a joint with Trey Songz…it’s just crazy joints, crazy shit…I basically went back to the block with [this album]. I mean, I ain’t never leave the block, but I just started hanging more and more in depth with the young boys and put myself in situations where I knew I shouldn’t have been at, hanging at those spots where they hang at. And that’s where the music come from: the niggas that are on the black still grinding…I’m just painting a lot of stories on this joint.”

Watch the video below for the whole interview.