With the release of his free album, XXX, DXNext alum Danny Brown recently reflected on some of the defining aspects of his life.

The album title is a reference to the rapper’s age (XXX is the Roman numeral for 30), which is something of a milestone for Brown. “I just turned thirty. I been writing raps all my life, but I remember the time when I was, like, fourteen, fifteen; I was like, ‘Imagine what I’m gonna be like when I’m twenty. Yo, imagine what I’m gonna be like when I’m thirty,’ ” said Brown in an interview with MTV’s Mixtape Daily. “Now I’m finally 30.”

“At 30, my life is: I’ve been trying to get in this industry for over 10 years, and through me trying to get into that industry, I can say I developed a drug habit,” revealed Brown, who says he uses more than just marijuana.

“I got to the point that I was just taking Adderall to work on music, then it got to the point where I wanted to take Adderall to stay up late and party,” Brown explained. “So now, from me trying Adderall, I’ve tried other drugs too.”

The other major subject Brown broached was his relationship with G-Unit. There was speculation that Brown would sign with 50 Cent’s crew last year, when he and Tony Yayo recorded the Hawaiian Snow mixtape. But apparently, 50 Cent just didn’t see eye-to-eye with Brown regarding the latter’s style.

“50 was with it; he just didn’t sign me because of my jeans. He liked the music, but he didn’t like the way I looked. I understand where they were coming from with that, but you gotta understand where I’m coming from, too: I’m from Detroit.”

Watch the interview below:

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