In all the songs that get posted on each week, there’s some greatness that doesn’t get the proper attention it deserves. With diverse tastes within the music, the people who bring you DX certainly check it all. This week we bring you a Marley Marl protege teaming with the latest sound of Dipset, a Wu-Tang Clan unsung hero, and for his second straight appearance, a homie of Ben Affleck, who will punch your teeth out. Viva La Coka!

Inspectah Deck – “Nasty (Remix)”

Billed as a remix, Wu-Tang Clan‘s Inspectah Deck essentially took Nas‘ instrumental and made a gallant attempt at making it his own. The Rebel INS has showed glimpses of greatness in the last three years, but this sounds like a recharged emcee, the same guy who stole many a show on the classic Enter The Wu-Tang debut 18 years ago. DX was particularly critical of last year’s Manifesto, and don’t get us started on an unwarranted Dubstep remix, but the staff kisses the ring this time around, with clever wordplay, syncopated rhyme-schemes and that smooth cadence. This was a welcomed reclamation from one of the nicest to do it.

Listen to “Nasty (Remix)” by Inspectah Deck

Slaine featuring Action Bronson and Ill Bill – “Offensive Lines”

Visually, you’d need sunglasses to view this track with all of the pale white guys on it. All jokes aside, Slaine has worked his way up the ranks from a stick-up kid from Beantown being vicious for the hell of it to a rhyme-spitter worthy of praise. Thus, this is his second consecutive appearance in our Sunday selection, after last week’s Mister Jason feature spot. He opens up the track with, well, offensive lines about getting blowjobs in sixth grade while simultaneously painting tales of grimy comeuppance. DXnext alum Action Bronson picks up where he left off, calling the bluff of fake thugs with a no love mantra and O.G. Ill Bill comes through with the cleanup hustling verses of his signature morbidity. All the while Statik Selektah‘s sneaky production makes you end the song checking for your wallet. It’s nice to hear Slaine and Ill Bill out of La Coka Nostra‘s at-times-grating-element and Action Bronson makes the mission complete. Do we sense a supergroup in the cards for them all?

Listen to “Offensive Lines” by Slaine featuring Action Bronson and Ill Bill

Tragedy Khadafi – “Narcotic Lines”

The Intelligent Hoodlum is back. Tragedgy Khadafi released numerous songs this week, with a strong balance of dense subject matter and street-savvy delivery. Backed by a sparse loop from Cam’ron‘s latest hit-maker araabMUZIK, this track sounded like ’00s-era Trag at his best. Although the continuous “2-5-2” drops make this almost sound like a possible freestyle, the brighter moments find the Queens emcee pioneer and mentor to Capone-N-Noreaga reclaiming his position since before a prison bid. Will it end up on Thug Matrix 3? We’re not sure either, but simple-but-effective smart bombs like this has made Trag’s career strong since the A&M deal ended.

Listen to “Narcotic Lines” by Tragedy Khadafi

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