With his sophomore album School for the Blindman arriving September 13th, Bronze Nazareth is reflecting on his beginnings with RZA and production team Wu-Elements. While at Rocksmith Tokyo, NYC, Bronze explained that he was lucky enough to grab some time with the RZArector and develop a working relationship.

“It’s a blessing. Especially to come in the way I came in, I basically came to RZA instead of him going out and hearing somebody and finding somebody,” he said. “I came to him and got that five minutes. Just from the jump, it’s been a blessing. I always treat it like it’s a blessing. I’ll never try to use the name in a bad way. It’s all about that W.”

As part of Wu-Elements, Bronze explains that he feels some pressure to impress the Wu-Tang Clan master, but that he feels a sense of family with the crew.

“You’ve got to come up and try to make him proud, because that’s the pioneer. RZA started the Wu, the Wu sound and all of that,” he continued. “But to be a part of the Elements and affiliate, it’s like family. They always look out for me and it’s good to be in a strong circle like that so I can get my sound out and be respected off the jump. And they like, ‘OK, he’s got something for himself.’ It’s ill.”

Check out the interview below, where he also speaks on his collaboration wish list, how he got his name and where he would be if he wasn’t in the rap game.

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