40 Glocc is taking the title to his song “Welcome to California” very seriously, as the emcee has gathered a veritable who’s who of artists to appear in the video for the track.

MTV News reports that aside from E-40, Snoop Dogg, Too $hort, Xzibit and Sevin (all of whom rap on the track), a slew of other left coast rappers will be featured in the video. Ice Cube, Ice-T, WC and Mistah Fab have all been listed as cameo appearances on the star-studded project.

“‘Welcome to California,’ I just thought it was necessary to get back to the roots,” said Glocc. “I felt like we were out of touch with our peers, so I felt like re-touching everybody from Southern California to Northern California, just bring everybody together. So you got all the O.G. cats and you got me and my homey Sevin, who is from Sacramento.”

40 continued, explaining that it was difficult to get everyone together at one time. “[W]e pulled it off. I was exhausted after, like ‘wow.'”

“Welcome to California” will be on 40’s upcoming album, New World Agenda.

Watch the interview below:

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