California rapper 40 Glocc, also known by his other rap moniker Big Bad 40, may possibly steer clear of gun charges in a case that stems from the rapper’s January arrest in San Bernardino, California.

According to, 40 Glocc appeared in a Superior Court on Tuesday, March 29 for arraignment but his hearing was extended since charges against him were not filed by prosecutors.

Back in January of this year 40 Glocc was arrested by police after allegedly being caught with a loaded 9 MM handgun in his vehicle. And according to police the G-Unit rapper was also traveling with members of the Colton City Crips.

Ironically, months before the arrest 40 Glocc released a track titled “Fuck The Police.” He spoke briefly with about the song.

“I really am anti crooked cops, you know? Law enforcement agencies, DEA agents, DA’s and judges and I am totally anti-crookedness,” 40 Glocc explained. “I think they fuck up our lives as youth and we came from that with my own views, so I gave my own views and that’s why I came with the song ‘Fuck the Police.’ It had to do with the officers and crooked DA I was up against and my court litigation and them accusing me of something and them judging me off entertainment and classifying me as a terrorist without any proof, and it’s just using music to do it.”

40 Glocc recently released Graveyard Shift a joint album with fellow rapper Spider Loc.