Over the past decade and a half, Atlanta rapper Witchdoctor has craved a niche for himself as a “rapper’s rapper,” dropping a number of criminally slept-on projects along the way. Now, the Dungeon Family alum is back with his latest effort, The United Race Ov America.

In a recent press release, Witchdoctor explained the album’s title and overall theme. He said that the album deals extensively with the issue of race in America, but also plays into the idea of lyrically edging out the competition

“The title is extremely interesting, with race taking the place of states,” he said “Race ha[s] two different meanings [in the title]; race as in all ethnic groups and race meaning literally running away from the competition…with the whole world migrating to the U.S.A., this album is classic and will change a few minds for the future [that] is at hand.”

Witchdoctor’s The United Race Ov America is armed with the lead single “Safe Like The Pope Car,” featuring his protégés F.A.O.L. He also broke down a number of other tracks, featured guests and producers slated to appear on the LP, including the Dungeon Family’s sonic architects Organized Noize.

“This project includes cuts like ‘Run Shit,’ produced by Organized Noize, having a controversial tone [and] targeting all authority on planet Earth,” he said. “The hit song, ‘[Safe Like The] Pope Car,’ features F.A.O.L. Girls’ spittin’ and having the time of their lives riding safe in the Pope car. And, ‘American Cocoa’ gives the streets and gangsta players that grit that every Hip Hop heads crave for…newcomer Millie G makes an appearance on ‘Dead Presidents.’ Also, there is production from Iowa residents Grape City.”

The United Race Ov America is set to hit shelves on October 18 via Witchdoctor’s Dezonly1 Records. His last album, 2007’s The Diary of an American Witchdoctor, was released via Adult Swim’s William Street Records imprint.

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