ThisIs50’s Maya the B recently caught up with N.O.R.E. of the famed Queensbridge duo Capone-N-Noreaga. He talked about reuniting with his “Super Thug” partner Pharrell on his single “Finito.” N.O.R.E. explained that working with Pharrell is always a pleasure, and that both artists knew they had a hit on their hands after hearing the song’s intro. He also discussed how Pharrell’s superstar status has affected their relationship, saying that it took time for him to adjust to the fact that Skateboard P may not always be on call when he needs a beat.

“It’s always wonderful [to work with Pharrell]…it’s just like when Snoop [Dogg] gets with [Dr.] Dre, or when 50 [Cent] gets with Sha Money [XL],” he said. “There’s just certain things you want to hear, and it’s been long overdue. He actually called me for [‘Finito’]. He was like, ‘I’ve got the one,’ and when I heard the intro, you ain’t heard Pharrell pop shit on an intro…he was really popping shit, and he don’t pop shit, he’s a humble dude. I don’t even know what the fuck he said, that he’s got plutonium in his special order [Louis Vuitton] book-bag. For a person that’s humble to say that, he didn’t pop shit like that since ‘Super Thug’ when he said ‘I’ve got a mansion in the Philippines.’”

He added, “Of course, at one point, he blew [up], man, pause. He blew to a level where it was kind of scary to know him, so of course there was a period of time where…the communication just wasn’t there. But when you go through that with people, you’ve just got to…[not to] over do it. At one point, I was trying to over do it [and get aggressive]…[but] that was the wrong approach. Let’s put it like this: whoever you’re trying to reach and you can’t reach, there’s 15 people doing the same thing with you…[but] it’s been a great relationship.”

N.O.R.E. also discussed his much-publicized beef with fellow QB emcee Nas. He said that while he’ll always have love and respect for Nas, his on-air tirade against N.O.R.E.’s 2002 solo album God’s Favorite put a serious dent in their relationship. At the same time, however, he explained he wished he had let by-gones by by-gones and accepted Nas’s apology.

“Me, personally, I actually love Nas. All of us from Queens, we love Nas because he was the first rock off of that movement,” he explained. “It was LL [Cool J]…Run DMC, it was the Lost Boyz, and then came our era, and of our era, the first dude from that era was Nas. So I could do nothing but respect him. At some point, there was something that Nas said about me [during a radio interview with Power 105]…[his] exact line to me was ‘I want N.O.R.E. to step it up.’ I think I stepped it up.”

He added, “My problem with what he did when he said it was, when you put on that same album [that he dissed]…God’s Favorite, the very first person you hear on that album was Nas. He was the intro to the whole album, so he had to hear this album prior doing that when he got on the radio station. But me, even though he called me and said sorry, I had never got over that incident, so that’s why kept hearing me saying little bullshit [at him]. But that was the young N.O.R.E. If I had the chance to do it all over, I would.”

N.O.R.E also touched on his more recent pseudo-feud with Prodigy over some of the details P revealed in his autobiography My Infamous Life. He said that while he’s not mad at Prodigy and wants to move on from the incident, he was somewhat offended by the fact that he spoke so liberablly of such sensitive information.

“[Prodigy] is my man, I’ve got love for him, but at the end of the day, if you smash a bitch, you’re not supposed to talk about smashing her,” he joked. “That’s just an unwritten rule to the ‘hood. If you’re going out, you know not to have on shorts. You know them fuckin’ clubs niggas are going to fuckin’ trip on you for having shorts. So go put on fuckin’ pants! It’s not a rule, it’s an unwritten rule. There ain’t no rules to this shit, there ain’t no manuals, but everybody’s got your manual. You do not say, ‘Yo, this nigga shot this nigga,’ you do not change the story around.”

He continued on, saying, “I’m [just] having fun [with this]…it’s nothing to go crazy about because he says it in [his book]…but I’ve got children…nobody wants to be perceived like that because, let’s just be 100% honest, this is not you’re life, Prodigy. You’re talking about my life and your peoples’ lives, that we went at it. I had beef for real, like, this beef wasn’t playing around…but let’s just move on [from it].”

The full interview can be seen below.

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