2 Live Crew’s Luther “Luke” Campbell recently vented on his Miami New Times blog page about a cardinal rule in Hip Hop, that “you don’t date another rapper’s ex-girlfriend.” In the article, Luke spoke about Wiz Khalifa and Soulja Boy as “code” breakers, adding that if rappers “have a relationships, it’s with just one woman.” 

“Wiz Khalifa needs to have his head examined,” Luke wrote on his blog. “The boy behind the hit ‘Black & Yellow’ has lost his mind over a woman interested only in hogging his spotlight. For months, Wiz has been dating former stripper Amber Rose, whose claim to fame is that her ex-boyfriend is Kanye West…Wiz Khalifa broke a cardinal rule in the Rap game. You don’t date another rapper’s ex-girlfriend.”

He went on to speak about others who have been with a colleague’s ex-girlfriend, including Soulja Boy.

“He is not alone. In Atlanta, Soulja Boy recently snatched Lil Scrappy’s girl. Lil Wayne’s ex Toya Carter tied the knot with some rapper named Memphitz earlier this year. They broke the bro code.”

According to Luke, this was not always the case. In fact, Luke names Will Smith, Jay-Z, Ice-T and Ice Cube as examples of rappers who have been loyal to one woman in the past. 

“See, when a rapper makes a commitment to one girl, he takes the relationship seriously….We rappers have always prided ourselves on not dating someone else’s ex-girlfriends or ex-wives. This will come as a shock to some people, but if we have a relationship, it’s with just one woman. Look at Jay-Z. He’s been committed to Beyoncé for some time. Will Smith, Run-D.M.C., Ice Cube, Ice-T, and I are other examples of loyal, dedicated husbands in Hip Hop.”

He later refers to Amber Rose and other women in the game as “triflin'” after saying Wiz has “gotten soft.” 

“Wiz Khalifa, like some members of his generation, has gotten soft. They are losing their focus. They can’t spot a triflin’ woman in the room to save their lives.” 

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