Only days after it was revealed that rapper Wiz Khalifa was dating Amber Rose, model and former girlfriend of Kanye West, rumors began to run rampant in regards to Wiz’ relationship with West.

But in a recent interview with the UK’s VOICE Online Wiz revealed that he has no issues with West, a rapper who he has never even met.

“No, (it doesn’t bother me) at all,” Wiz explained to the VOICE Online when asked if he’s bothered by the fact that Rose dated West. “You can’t judge a person by who they were with before. If I’d done that, I would’ve missed out on a great person. There are tons of people who were with somebody and then went on to be with somebody else who they really found love with…There’s no relationship and no negativity because I’ve never met (Kanye). If I do ever meet him, I’ll be nice and cool, as I always am, and hopefully he’ll be the same way.”

Wiz went on to explain that he has no time for the negativity brought on because of his relationship with Rose.

“We’re grownups. And he’s older than I am, so I would absolutely expect him to act in a mature way. I ain’t tripping on anything like that,” said Wiz. “I’ve got so much that I wanna do. I can’t let my goals be tainted with anything negative.”

Lastly, Wiz addressed the seriousness of his relationship with Rose by stating that she would be “the last girl I’m ever gonna be with.”

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