The internet was abuzz when graphic nude photos of Amber Rose leaked online. But while Rose maintains that she is embarassed and devastated by the leak, at least one emcee thinks it might have been intentional.

“At least it didn’t look bad,” said 50 Cent to DJ Whoo Kid on his Shade 45 radio show. “It looked good. Let me tell you something. Things like that don’t hurt, that’s promotion. That’s publicity. You got to look at who a person was. [If it was] someone who came in that was completely, let’s say, conservative, that would be a damaging blow…”

50 further scrutinized the nature of the photos, saying, “That was a camera that took those photos, that ain’t no camera phone. You gotta know, you gotta have intention to have a picture taken with your fingers in your pussy. That may be interesting for you because you’ve been watching her — because you saw her with Kanye [West]. [The other celebrity leaks,] those are telephone pictures. Look, if you have your picture taken of you when you’re not aware of it, that’s one thing. If you’re taking a picture randomly, it’s spontaneous, [it’s] a camera picture. Her shoes change in the picture. It’s different shoes. That means you’re conscious, got up, changed the shoes and did it with a camera. You thought about it. So maybe she’s taking the pictures for her significant other, maybe it’s Wiz Khalifa’s joint.”

According to Rose, the pictures are two-and-a-half years old, and were leaked by a former employee.

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