Though the group just put out its debut last month, Random Axe is already thinking about its follow-up. Speaking with, Guilty Simpson explained that the trio – which also consists of Sean Price and Black Milk – will most likely record solo albums before regrouping to release a Random Axe sophomore effort next year.

“We actually talking about doing the next one now,” he said. “We’re throwing ideas around, just trying to get stuff squared away. I know we’ll all probably do solo endeavors before we come back together and do the Random Axe, but sure, we’re going to get that done next year.”

On the solo tip, the Detroit, Michigan native revealed that he’s planning to hit the lab with producer Madlib for the sequel to their 2010 release OJ Simpson. Additionally, he’ll be recording his next Stones Throw release featuring Black Milk production, exclusively.

OJ Simpson 2 with Madlib, working on songs with Oh No, and then Black Milk will be producing my next Stones Throw album,” he said. “He’ll exclusively produce that.”

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