Native to Brooklyn, New York, Sean Price recently spoke on five rappers other than himself that he considers as the best of the best from his borough. Speaking with Vlad TV, he named Notorious B.I.G., Steele, Brother J, Ike Eyes and Jay-Z.

“Jay-Z for sure. He gets busy. Ain’t no need to go into intricate detail, but overall, his body of work is official and he gets busy. Can’t front on that,” he said. “Big, of course. I remember openieng up shows for Big. I’d be like, ‘Yeah, we warmed it up for you, son.’ And he’d be like, ‘Warmed it up? I don’t even want to go out there!’ But Big. Me and Big was cool. We had a little discrepancy between my crew and they crew, but for the most part, I love Big.”

He also bigged up his Duck Down Records brethren. “Steele, from Smif-N-Wessun. He was a big influence on all of us. He was the first one rhyming. He was doing it in high school. Actually Steele was the first one out of Boot Camp to do it. But Buckshot won a contest and got a deal first, and they automatically pulled Steele and Tek in, pulled me and Rock in.”

Sean Mandela rounded out the list with two relatively underappreciated MCs. “Brother J. I don’t know why people sleep on Brother J. Because of his content? If he was rhyming anything else, he would be in everybody’s top 10. He had a presence and his raps were serious. Maybe because it was so X-Clan-ish, maybe some people ain’t really… But I’m a big Brother J fan. He can rap his ass off. Voice, the cadence, the flow… Brother J,” he said. “Ike Eyes. He’s not a popular rapper. Y’all don’t know him. He’s my friend. I listen to Ike and go ‘Ah, gimme my pen! I need to write this down.’”

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